Wound Care

Wound Care

Digital Technology to Improve Wound Care


Surgical and non-surgical wounds require skilled care to reduce the risk of infection. Wounds that don’t heal easily are called chronic wounds and require special care to heal. VNA Health Group has partnered with Parable Health to provide our home health care patients the most advanced wound care. The Parable Health app measures the size and depth and tracks changes over time. The images and data are transmitted through HIPAA-secure software and monitored by our certified wound care nurses. 

Additional care options include Visiting Physician Services, which provides primary care along with lab work and medication management to your home with care from our team of house call doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Covered by Medicare Part B, Visiting Physician Services is a long-term solution to helping you manage your health and remain independent. Contact us to learn more or make a referral now.


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