Physical & Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy is an important part of your Home Health care plan since our overarching goal is to help you regain and maintain your independence. Receiving physical and occupational therapy at home rather than at a facility helps you gain strength and mobility where you spend most of your time. In addition, your VNA Health Group physical and occupational therapist will identify areas in your home that might put you at risk for a fall and further injury and suggest ways to make your home safer.

Your licensed physical therapist will collaborate with your doctor, VNA nurse and occupational therapist to develop a rehabilitation regiment that will include exercises and stretches designed to maximize functional range of motion and improve your strength and balance as well as a home evaluation to identify ways to prevent falls and further injury. Care will include gait training and training on how to navigate stairs (if applicable) and instruction on safe transfers such as from your toilet, bed and car.


Your licensed occupational therapists will also collaborate with your doctor, VNA nurse and physical therapist to help you regain optimal independence in your daily living activities. Care may include exercise program to improve fine motor skills, functional level and improve bed mobility; instructs on safe transfers using appropriate body mechanics and equipment and instruction and guidance on safe use of equipment such as canes or walkers.


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