Certified Home Health Aide Care

Certified Home Health Aide Care

Extra Helping Hands When You Need Them


Certified Home Health Aide Care provides personal assistance with bathing and grooming, light housekeeping and meal preparation. If your doctor prescribed Home Health Services covered by Medicare or Medicaid, your nurse will often coordinate and supervise care with a Certified Home Health Aide. VNA Health Group provides ongoing training and support for its Certified Home Health Aides so you can trust you are receiving the highest-qualified clinical team available.  If you are a Veteran, additional care from a Certified Home Health Aide may be available to you and covered under your VA benefits.

Certified Home Health Aide Care is often provided if your doctor has prescribed Home Care or Hospice Care If you would like to supplement the care provided to you under Medicare or Medicaid or would like personal assistance from a Certified Home Health Aide, our Private Care services can help. These services are often covered by long-term care insurance or paid out-of-pocket. Contact us to learn more or make a referral now.


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