March 30th is National Doctors Day Here is How We Celebrate!

On March 30th of each year, we celebrate National Doctors’ Day! This special day was established to recognize the incredible work of physicians and the contributions to the communities they live in.

4 Misconceptions About Hospice Care

Choosing hospice care for a loved one is an emotional process. It’s difficult to make end-of-life decisions and sometimes these fears are heightened by the many misconceptions that exist about hospice.

Why You Should Receive Cardiac Care At Home

If you or a loved one is living with a cardiac condition or recovering from a cardiac procedure, you may need help getting back on your feet. Fortunately, you can receive this care in the home rather than a hospital or rehabilitation center.

Hospice Home Care It Doesn't Cost as Much as You Think

Every day, Americans make end-of-life decisions based on their personal preferences and financial circumstances. As end of life nears, patients and their families are usually given the option of palliative and/or hospice care.

When Should You Start Prenatal Care?

When you find out that you’re expecting, it’s normal to feel a rush of emotions. You may feel excited about expanding your family but nervous about taking on more responsibility.

Tips for Better Eye Health [Infographic]

Your lifestyle choices can have a direct effect on your eye health. Your diet, your profession, smoking, exposure to ultraviolet rays and your daily screen time all affect your eye health in one way or another.

Learn About Our Visiting Nurses Association's Seasons of Hope!

The holiday season may be a time of love, laughter and good cheer, but it can also bring sadness and hopelessness to ill patients and their families. Throughout New Jersey, hundreds of patients and their families sit in hospitals and nursing homes.

Grieving Over the Death of a Loved One During the Holidays

For those who have lost someone over the holidays, this time of year can be a constant reminder of how much you miss your loved one. While the saying goes, “Time heals all wounds,” anyone who has lost a loved one knows that you’re never completely healed.

What to do if Your Loved One Refuses Home Health Care

Home health care is an excellent resource for people who need support in their homes. Home care helps many people, such as those who are homebound, suffering from memory loss, adjusting to a new diagnosis or having trouble completing daily activities.

5 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Germs [Infographic]

Flu and cold season is in full swing come the holiday season. Flu season begins in October and can last until May usually peaking from December to February. Last year saw one of the worst flu seasons in recent history with 30,453 people hospitalized in the US.



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