Hospice Lights of Life

We cherish the memories of those who are no longer with us as we share stories and speak their names. In doing so, we illuminate the past and brighten our own lives.

Each year, many also choose to celebrate the lives of loved ones they have lost by making a gift to VNA Hospice Lights of Life (formerly Tree of Lights). Through this memorial giving program you can honor the memory of those you have loved. At the same time, you will provide essential support for VNA's extraordinary hospice program. Your gift will enable us to continue caring for patients and their families who are in need of the physical, emotional and spiritual support that VNA Hospice provides at a most sensitive and difficult time. 

Tell us the name of your loved one and we will be pleased to honor him or her throughout the year on this Hospice Lights of Life webpage. With your gift of $40 or more, we will also send you a lovely hanging crystal that will catch the light and reflect back memories of those you love. 

Please join us in honoring your loved ones, as you help ease the journey ahead for so many other hospice patients and their families.




Make a gift to honor a loved one.

2018 Lights of Life

Guiding Light

Susan B. Stearns



In memory of my parents, Miriam and Robert Fisher from Margaret Fisher
In memory of Ruth M. Torpey from Carite Torpey
In memory of Ben Urban from Louis Urban


Shining Light

In memory of Frederick Cichowski from Elizabeth Cichowski
In memory of 
Donna and Gene Freiburg from Lisa G. Walling
In memory of Helen Rubin from Deborah Wallach
In memory of Cynthia Smith from Dr. Robert Smith
In memory of Magdelene Zuchowski from Clare Noll

Fire Light

In memory of Marie Babbitt from Walter Babbitt
In memory of Pamela Dodsworth from Zaria Page and Rowena Crawford-Phillips
In memory of Susan Simms from Lawrence Simms
In memory of Joy and Chick Tether from Steven Sugar and Sally Tether
In memory of Donald J. Wieder from Ms. Carol Wieder
Edgar Coffin
Edward W. Davis Jr.



In memory of Carolina Araujo from Margaret Canica
In memory of Mary M. Breslin from David Breslin

In memory of Deborah Burnette from Michael Burnette
In memory of Harold Chlup from Marilyn Chlup
In memory of Cheryl Dellaira from Bill Berdan
In memory of Helen Dragositz from Diane Dragositz
In memory of Thomas Fahey from Ann-Marie Fahey
In memory of Marilyn Fisher from Jill Drummond
In memory of Howard D. Franklin from Malka Grinkorn
In memory of Samuel Garden from Eleanor Garden
In memory of Patricia Geller from Susan Garruto

In memory of Bonnie Giarlo from Frank Giarlo
In memory of my husband Jerald Krauthamer from Elizabeth Carson
In memory of Margot Mason from Joyce Paolantonio
In memory of Laurette Podell from Judith and Howard Podell
In Honor of Patricia Prenoski from Harry Prenoski
In memory of Sara Shiffner from Patricia M. Shiffner
In memory of George W. Sterner from Douglas Sterner
In memory of Dorothy Storms from Margaret Storms

In memory of Dorothy M. Storms from Kathleen Storms
In memory of Dorothy S. Villapiano from Carolee Villapiano
In memory of Peter Walicky from Mrs. Peter Walicky
In memory of 
John Young and James Perkins from Barbara Young
Mr. Edward J. Kaiser
Ms. Patrice McDonough
Ms. Kathleen McCarthy
Dr. Andrew Stiber
Guy M. Troy



Light of Life

In memory of Wayne Anson from Marlene Anson
In memory of Janet Esposito Bonk from Anthony Bonk
In memory of Donald and Esther Briant from Debra Briant Miller
In memory of Joan Bulvanoski from Chester J. Bulvanoski
In memory of Charles P. Callaghan from Marjorie Callaghan
In memory of  August Calvanico from Judith A. Calvanico
In memory of William G. DiSomma from Rosemarie Giordano
In memory of David Michaels from Stephanie Carr
In memory of Natalie Bruno Squassi from Kim Caton
In memory of Lucy Morgan from Priscilla Corcoran
In memory of Shelley Cole from Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen Jr.
In memory of Philomena DePalma from Andrew DePalma Jr.
In memory of Thomas J. Donahue from Maureen Donahue
In memory of Edward Durkin from Mary E. Durkin
In memory of Jacob Edelstein from Judy Edelstein
Mr. Bill Faas
In memory of Regina Gangemi from Thomas Gangemi
In memory of Gloria Garcia from Rosa Garriga
In memory of Randy G. Gazzanigo from Louis Gazzanigo
In memory of Charles Daniel Goldberg from Rita Goldberg
In memory of Jeannie and Audrey from Jill Holland
In memory of Ralph Jaakobs from Mariette Jaakobs
In memory of Anna Jankoski from John Jankoski
In memory of Marie "Scuffy" Johnson from Samuel Johnson
In memory of Jack Kenny from Mrs. Mary Kenny
In memory of Kenneth Kociela from Donna Kociela
In memory of Ellen Krawiec from Stanley Krawiec
In memory of John A. LaRocca from Kathleen LaRocca
In memory of Antoinette Laskowski from Laurie Loftus
In memory of Rose Lucciola from Emilio Lucciola
In memory of Richard P. McCartney from Eugenia McCartney
In memory of Gail O'Rourke from Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McSorley
In memory of James Mekovetz, Sr. from Vita Mekovetz
In memory of Robert W. Meyer from Doris Meyer
In memory of William Petrie from Rita Petrie
In memory of Helen Tumulty from Maria and Andrew Polansky
In memory of Denise Reddington from Tara Reddington
In memory of Daniel M. Rogan from John J. Rogan
In memory of Bruce Ross from Leslie Ross
In memory of Henry K. Paasch from Denise Scanga
In memory of Gertrude Sherman from David Sherman
In memory of Carolina Sinibaldi from Gloria Dittman
Mr. George L. Thompson
In memory of Ruth A. Johnson from Patricia York-Turner


In Memory Of

Vincenzo S. Abrusci from Antonietta V. Abrusci
John and Annette Armenia from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cacciapalle
Cathy Balasic from John P. Balasic
Dennis Barbier, Jr. from Dennis G. Barbier
Faye Barrueco from Mercedes Christ
Elenor Breslow from Russell Palmeri
Robert Edward Brown from Brigid M. Brown
Caroline Bodmer from Carolyn Bodmer
Catherine Cardinale from The Gargano Family
Marianne Casper from Chester J. Bulvanoski
Anne Catanese from Mr. and Mrs. George Verdaguer
Mary Chunta from Bernard Chunta
Nicholas Clemente from Rosemarie Clemente
Robert Coddington from James Coddington
Edgar D. Coffin Jr. from Liz Yule
Lois Cohen from Jill Cohen Kolb
James J. Conway from Maryellen, Joe and Eileen
Charlette B. Crain from Mr. and Mrs. Russell Crain
Edward M. Cramer from Ethel Cramer
Larry Craven from Mary Beth Craven
Marge Cullen from Mr and Mrs. Edward Cullen Jr.
Donna Curry from Lucy Leahy
John Cuzzolino from Concetta Cuzzolino
Evelyn Deaney from The Gargano Family
William Devin from Miriam Devin
Joseph Dolac from Judith Burton
Edward J. Dunning from Barbara L. Dunning
Irene Dytyniak Rainey from Helen Dytyniak
Joseph Fernandez from Madeleine Fernandez
William H. Forsyth from Rosemary Forsyth
Patrick and Brendan Gallagher from Mr. and Mrs. James Gallagher
Rita and James Giovagnoli from Shirley Bocan
Carol Glatstian from Mark Glatstian
Alexander Joseph Gulino from Barbara Gulino
Michael Graci from The Gargano Family
Fannie Graham from Diane and Frank Vigilante
John Graham from The Gargano Family
Raymond J. Grant from Mr. and Mrs. Russell Crain
Vera Gravatt from Shirley Kays
Woody Green from Jan Green
Hyman Gross from Madeleine Fernandez
Lillian Gross from Madeleine Fernandez
Marx Hager from Madeleine Fernandez
Eugene J. Handler from Beatrice Handler
Mathew Hawn from Shirley Hawn
Harry D. Herbert from Joan Herbert
Harold Herring from Marie Herring
Mary Hurley Finke and Cristina Corsini from Anonymous
Paul F. Jessen Sr. from Carolyn Zomer
Walter Johansen from Mr. and Mrs. Hank Hartmann
John W. Kersey from Arlene Kersey
Joseph Kessler from Sylvia Kessler
Helen Kiley from Mary Dill
Mr. and Mrs. Krivda from Dr. Hope Blecher
Cecelia Kuhn from Francis H. Kuhn
Eugene Leahy from Lucy Leahy
Edward Lee from The Gargano Family
Dominick Macaro from Bernice Macaro
Diane Macera from Judith A. Calvanico
Robert MacPherson from Winnie MacPherson
Mary McGee from Wayne McGee
Jim McGinniss from Frank McGinniss
Karen Merse from Ring 23, LLC
Angela Michalski from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cacciapalle
Ruth Nichols from Nancy McCarthy
John and Mary Novak from Marlene Flemer
Chris Nowlin from The Gargano Family
Josephine Occhiuto from Coran Marsico
Daniel Ochs, MD from Arlene Spark
The Honorable Daniel J. O'Hern from Barbara O'Hern
George L. Polasky from James Polasky
Vita Rebecca from Coran Marsico
John E. Renals from Tena Renals
Agnes Riss from Carol Dorow
Pearl Robbins Bernstein from Saralinda Lichtblau
Muriel Rogers from Cheryl Greer
Matilde Roman from Jose Roman
Edward F. Ryan from Rosemarie Ryan
Helena Sabotka from Robert Sabotka
Phyllis J. San Antonio from Louise E. San Antonio
Ozzie Schlegel from Dorothea Schlegel
Martha Seelagy from Frieda Gregg
Marie P. Serrino from Marianne Zavaglia
Mr. Rolando A. Smith from Lorna Smith
James Stavola from Luann Stavola
Dorothy M. Storms from Patricia Reilly
Goldie Taynor-Poll from Michelle Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Tennyson Moore, Sr. from Brenda Moore Logan
Jay Timko from Michael Timko
Janet L. Torpey from George Torpey



Mr. Paul T. Cheponis
Mr. Dominick Cioffi
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Drager
Ms. Barbara Frank
Carol Lee Hammond
Ruth Horning
Mr. Harry A. Kalish
Mr. Marvin C. Makler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. McIntyre
Ms. Ingrid O. Niklas
Mr. Walter Rusnak
The Tarziers Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Tighe



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