Hospice Tree of Lights

Honor those you cherish and help us provide specialized care to patients and their families, when they need it most, with a gift to the VNA Hospice Tree of Lights. Your gift will serve as a lasting tribute to your loved one, whose name will be listed on our dedicated webpage throughout the year.  And as it illuminates your remembrance, your gift will provide support for our mission.

We also erect a Tree of Lights, during the holiday season, in our Holmdel office to memorialize all those we have cared for. The Tree of Lights serves as a symbol for all VNA staff of our commitment to make a difference in the life of every patient, regardless of circumstance.




“It is often in the darkest skies

that we see the brightest stars.”

                        -Richard Evans 

Make a gift this holiday season to honor a loved one.

2018 Memorial Lights



Susan B. Stearns






Deborah Burnette from Michael Burnette
Art Gary from Suzanne Gary
Sally Gideon from Joan & Robert Hess
Edward McCrossin from Susan & Dan Whalen
"Grandma" Helen Rubin from Deborah Wallach and Gannon Wallach
Arlene Scaturro from her daughters
Theresa Scovell from Tom Schovell
Peter J. VanDyke, Esq.


Shining Light



Michael Bezick from Ann & Anthony Gargano
Anita Bogus from Ann & Anthony Gargano
Dr. Minnie Campbell
James Ehret from Ann & Anthony Gargano
Donna & Eugene Freiburg from Lisa & Debbing Walling
Gan Gan from Mrs. Rowena Crawford-Phillips and Family
Marian Buford Gibson from Ann & Anthony Gargano
Franklin G. Goglia from Ann & Anthony Gargano
Paul F. Jessen, Sr. from Laura Jessen
Susan Kujawski from Ann & Anthony Gargano
Colleen Lorelli from Ann & Anthony Gargano
Marie Marshall from Ann & Anthony Gargano
Michelle Moriarty from John and Emma Moriarty
Katherine T. Penn from Richard A. Penn
Elsa Polansky from Ann & Anthony Gargano
Kenneth W. Stewart from Ann & Anthony Gargano
Carite L. Torpey






Marie Babbitt from Walter Babbitt
Jim Barry from Mary Barry
James T. Brotherton from Mary F. Brotherton
Garry Donald Cooper from Jennifer Possenriede
Ester Dow from Linda Reagan
Elaine Gustafson from Sharon Amann
Bernadette Kilduff from Maria & Andy Polansky
Ralph & Sarah Shiffner from Pat Shiffner
Sadie Speziale from her family
Ben J. Urban from Louis Urban 
George C. White from Betty White



In Memory Of 



Vincenzo S. Abrusci from Antonietta Abrusci
John M. Adamczak from Felice Adamczak
Wayne Anson from Marlene Anson
Rose & Al Appell from Sharon Appell
Carolina Araujo from Margaret Canica
Isabella Arcorace from The Pellegrino Family
Jean Ballé from Linda Linnett
Joan Barringer from Barbara A. Polllini
Famy Barrueco from Mercedes F. Christ
Anna & James Beggs from Constance Beggs Hoffmann
Mary T. Bender from Joan Herig
Manuel Berrios from Robert Clarke
Caroline Bodmer from Carolyn R. Bodmer
Charles Bonus from Judith Bonus
Henry & Anita Botwinick from Randi Smaldone
Frederick Bowers
John & Alice Bradham from Frank & Lanie Bostjancic
Manuel Branco from Helen Branco
Mary M. Breslin from David M. Breslin
Peggy Brodsky from Dr. J. Putnam Brodsky
Frieda Brown from Carol Lowe
Robert E. Brown from Brigid M. Brown
Natalie Bruno from Kim Caton
Joan Bulvanoski from Jennifer Bulvanoski
Joan Bulvanoski from Chester Bulvanoski
Gwendollyn Burdick from Cynthia Sumner
Charles Callaghan from Marjorie Callaghan
August Calvanico from Judith Calvanico
William Camp from Judith Rautio
Thomas Capizzi from Donna Capizzi
Francisca Cardona from Ruben Cardona
William Cartica from Catherine Burgess
Marianne Casper from Jennifer Bulvanoski
Marianne Casper from Chester Bulvanoski
Maria Catalano from Rosalind Silletto
Jim Chandler from Gloria Chandler
Frederick F. Cichowski, Sr. from Elizabeth O. Cichowski
John Chmura from Doris Chmura
Mary Chunta from Bernard Chunta
Cyril Chupko from Janet Main
Dominick Ciavarro from Thomas Duncan
Thomas H. Cody from Mary Beth Macchia
Edgar Coffin, Jr. from Elie Coffin
Edgar Coffin, Jr. from Louisa Coffin-Tilsner
Edgar Coffin, Jr. from Louisa B. Coffin
Gert Conklin from Thomas Meberg
James Joseph Conway from Eileen, Maryellen & Joe
Charlotte Crain from R.A and M.K. Crain
Edward M. Cramer from Ethel Cramer
Lawrence Craven from Mary Beth Craven
Stephen J. Cribbin from Joan Cribbin
Lori Cuffari from Joe Cuffari
Naomy Cuesta from Alex Cuesta
Antonio & Rosetta Culosi from Hank Incognito
John Cuzzolino from Concetta Cuzzolino
Ignazio (Iggy) D'Alessandro from Kathleen D'Alessandro
Frank D'Andrea from Gerry D'Andrea
Pralad DaCruz from Mavis DaCruz
John J Daly from Dawn Daly
Frank & Stella Dancey from Kathy Dancey Boyle
Genevieve da Silva from Rose Colin
John S. DeCicco from Linda LeStrange
John P. Deeves from Robert Deeves
Joan E. DeFibaugh from Ben DeFibaugh
Julia M. DeGeorge from Linda J. Regan
Debbie Delaney from Roger M. Delaney
Hugh J. Delano from Mary L. Delano
Phil Delano from Marcia Delano
Cheryl Dellaira from Bill Berdan
Virginia De Palma from Andrew De Palma
Georges Dersarkissian from Marguerite Dersarkissian
Frank DiDolce from Angela DiDolce
Walter R. Dill from Lucille Dill
William DiSomma from Rosemarie Giordano
Thomas J. Donahue from Maureen Donahue
Mary E. Donovan from Theresa & Brian Donovan
Kenneth Dunckley from Mary Dunckley
Edward Durkin from Mary Durkin
Irene "Rene" Dworeck from Bonnie Krentzman
Euhgenia Dytyniak from Helen Dytyniak
William Enderley from Marie A. Enderley
Ruth M. Ensmenger from Karen R. Ensmenger
Marcia Ehrsam from Jaye Meyers
Claire & Bill Faistl from Donald & Susan Faistl
Joseph Fernandez from Madeleine Hager-Fernandez
Herbert J. Fiala from Irmgard G. Fiala
Evangelia Floratos from Alex Floratos
William H. Forsyth from Rosemary Forsyth
Marijo Fox from Robin & Scott Fox
Lester H. Frank from Barbara Frank
Cara Nicole Galatro from William Galatro
Brian Gallagher from Peter Gilleece
Samuel Garden from Eleanor Garden
Randy Gazzanigo from Louis Gazzanigo
Marilyn Geller from Leanne Kochy
Catherine Gerakaris from Charles & Georgia Grossenbacher
John Germann from Marcella Germann
Connie Gialanella from Pat Gialanella
Joseph Gioia from Roseann Gioia
Carol Glatstian from Mark Glatstian
Thomas R. Gleason from Sharon Dugan
Fannie Graham from Diane & Frank Vigilante
Thomas Grasso from Anne Curcio
Vera Gravatt from Shirley Kays
Hyman Gross from Madeleine Hager-Fernandez
Gilbert & Agnes Gross from Robert & Karen Bennett
Lillian Gross from Madeleine Hager-Fernandez
Dolores Gubitosa from Jackie Kinghorn
Alexander J. Gulino from Barbara Gulino
Marx Hager from Madeleine Hager-Fernandez
Vera Hartmann from Laurell & Hank Hartmann
Mathew Hawn from Shirley Hawn
Lorraine Hayek from Kathy Nagy
William Healy from Joan DeSimone-Ricigliano
Harry D. Herbert from Joan Herbert
Theresa Hoffman from Patricia Stiles
John Hopf from Judith Hopf
Richard & Gail Hoppenstedt from Dana Franznick
Leonard "Bud" Hungarter from Lucie Hungarter
Ralph Jaakobs from Marietta Jaakobs
Dr. Lewis & Mrs. Zoe Jacobs from Ellen J. Schultz
Anna Jankoski from John Jankoski
Angela Michelle Jefferson from Alberta Jefferson
Paul Jessen from Carolyn J. Zomer
Walter B. Johansen from  Laurell & Hank Hartmann
Marie (Scuffy) Johnson from Sam Johnson
Ruth A. Johnson from Patricia York-Turner
Rosa (Cheena) Jordan from Anna Jordan
Nancy Kattermann from Wiliam Kattermann
John W. Kersey from Arlene B. Kersey
Joseph Kessler from Sylvia Kessler 
Kenneth Kociela from Donna Kociela
Jerald B. Krauthamer from Elizabeth R. Carson
Ellen Krawiec from Stanley Krawiec
Eleanor Marie Kreiss from Mary Ellen Krause
Eugene J. Leahy, Jr. from Lucy Leahy
John L. Leone from Mary Leone
Joan Lerman from Joel Shane
Ellen & Dale Longstreth from Sharon Adamo
Joseph & Sara Lord from Muffin Lord
Ruth Lucciola from Emilio Lucciola
John & Elizabeth Lynch from Jackie Kinghorn
Diane Macero from Judith Calvanico
Dominick Macaro from Bernice Macaro
Marline Manolio from Marlene Veselsky
Margaret Mason from Joyce Paolantonio
Stephen Mazzone from Ann Mazzone
William H. McDermott, III from Peggy McDermott
Jemima McGinniss from Frank McGinniss
Edward McHugh from Anne McHugh
Albert McLaughlin from Anne McLaughlin
Mary A. McManigal from Linda Critelli
David Michaels from Stephanie Carr
Thelma Michaloski from Nanette Michal
Mary Mikolay from Rosemarie Lava
The Milazzo Family from Eleanor J. Milazzo
Ralph Moceo from Theresa Moceo
Lillian & Timothy Monahan from Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kish
Mr. & Mrs. Tennyson Moore, Sr. from Brenda Moore Logan
Philip & Mildred Morano from Marie Weber
Adam Nadolny from Margaret Nadolny
Ana L. Nelson from Salvador Nelson
Matilde Neri from Norma Neri Glassman
Bernie Newmark from Gregory & Dbeorah Dellosso
Ruth Nichols from Nancy McCarthy
Maria Rose Nitti from Antoinette Urciuoli
Frank J. Nolfi, Jr. from Faith Nolfi
John Novak from Marlene Novak Flemer
Daniel Ochs, MD from Arlene Spark
Honorable Daniel J. O'Hern from Barbara O'Hern
Daphne H. Ollwerther from William & Carol Ollwerther
Jacob W. Olsen from Rosemary Olsen
John C. Olsen from Kathleen Olsen
Barbara T. Palumbo from Linda Messina
Mom & Dad Pannone from their children
Robert Parker from Jennifer Parker
Henry K. Paasch from Denise Scanga
Anthony Pentifallo from Margaret Pentifallo
Lillian Perrotta from James Perrotta
William Petrie from Rita & Scott Petrie
Davey Petrocelli from Doris Petrocelli
Bill Pfeiffer from Marguerite Pfeiffer
Merrick Pratt from Chris & Karen Pratt
John Psotto from Marlene Plaza
Mercedes Ramos from Ruben Cardona
Shirley S. Read from Nancy Ollwerther
Denise Reddington from Tara Reddington
John E. Renals from Tena C. Renals
John Reszkowski from Sue Reszkowski
Janice Reynolds from Donald Reynolds
Pauline Rhodes from Sandy Totten
Agnes Riss from Carol Dorow
Muriel Rogers from Cheryl Greer
Catherine Rousseau from Marie Larson
Eugene H. Reusch from Loretta F. Ruesch
Albert B. Roth from Lillian E. Roth
Joseph Saldarini from Lita Saldarini
Jeanne Salzberg from Karen Hausmann
Eve Scheier from Mary Ann Carozza
Angelo Schiraldi from Theresa Schiraldi
Tom Schumm from Susan Schumm
Anthony J, Sciuto from Marianne Sciuto
Marie Serrino from Marianne & Joe Zavaglia
Carl Sgrizzi from Mary Sgrizzi
George R. Sheats from Beverly J. Sheats
Maurice Simon from Susan Simon
Rosetta Slater from Richard Slater
Dagmar & Oscar Smith from Linda Fieros
Rolando Alfonso Smith from Lorna Smith
John Sorge from Theresa & Brian Donovan
Esther Spinelli from Felix Spinelli
Lois Stranahan from Judith Stranahan
Dorothy M. Storms from Patricia Reilly
Dorothy M. Storms from Katheleen Storms
Dorothy M. Storms from Margaret Storms
Molly Tauchner from Emilie Herzberg
Elaine Tavormina from Vincent Tavormina
Joy Tether from Sally Tether
James Thompson from The McSorley Family
Lois Joy Timko from Michael Timko
Martin Traumuller from Doris R. Traumuller
Mary Ann Toth from William Toth
Sofia Vecsler from Didina Burok
Dorothy S. Villapiano from Carolee Villapiano
Peter L. Viola from Frances K. Viola
Margaret Voorhis from Roget Voorhis
Peter Walicky from Jennie Walicky
Louise M. Walsh from Sharon A. Tuccillo
Elsie H. Walzer from John S. Walzer
Janet A. Watson from Kathryn & Warren Popino
Roberta "Bobbi" White from James F. White
Rita Wood from Joseph E. Reid
Antoinette Woodall from Margaret Bell
H. Leonard Worob from Juliet Worob
John Young from Barbara Young
Joseph Zawaski from Kathleen Zawaski
Kathleen R. Zellers from Glenn Zellers
Norma Zenobi from Monica Margerum
Anita & Emile Zuraweck from Donald & Susan Faistl



In Honor Of 



Marie Cacciapalle from Joseph Cacciapalle
Sophie & James Diblin from Barbara Dunn
Marie Leeuw from George M. Leeuw
VNA Caregivers from RoseMarie Terry





Peter and Barbara Antoniewicz
Margaret Bey
Paul Cheponis
Lana DiGangi
Lawrence and Elizabeth Forte
Margaret Guzman
Estate of Marion Johnson
Harry Kalish
Richard Lovell
Patrice McDonough
Michael & Carol McIntyre
Violet Michael
Margaret Nevue
Mary Nocera
Jene Oakley
Dora Ottaviano
Lillian Pannell
Rita Pessirilo
Jill Pozniak
Shirley Rennon
Madeline Schettina
Adrian Schreiber
Geraldine Smith
Madeline Taureck
George L. Thompson
Charles Vetter
Raymond Zwingraf


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