VNA Nurse Blog: "Nursing Allows Me to be Me"

By Tamika Bailey Home
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VNA Nurse Blog: "Nursing Allows Me to be Me"


I’ve always had a heart for helping people. I got into home care nursing later in life, because I became a mom early in life, but I knew it was a career where I could thrive.


I’m a need to know person with a gift for making things simple for people. That’s a really important skill to have as a home care nurse, especially because people do not want to be talked down to in their own home.


It was a scary moment when I decided to give up my job and go full-time into my studies. Being a spontaneous person, I knew I could overcome the fear to make a better life for myself by helping others.


I began to gravitate toward home care nursing during my clinical for community health. That’s when I realized it was the area I wanted to be in. It was exciting to me for several reasons, the most important was the feeling that I could really connect with a patient and hone in on their needs to keep them healthy. That’s something that I found challenging in a hospital setting.


I also enjoy being a mediator between elderly parents and their adult children. I see the shifting of responsibilities and feel like I can really make a difference in a family’s life as the responsibilities of care shift from parent to child. Making a difference is an aspect of my career as a home care nurse that I really appreciate, even if it’s at the end of a person’s life.


As a home care nurse I recognize that I am vulnerable in other people’s homes or certain communities, but I do not feel vulnerable. It’s nothing that has ever concerned me. I consider every person I meet as an individual and realize every situation is going to be different. When people are respected in their own atmosphere, regardless of the condition, it eliminates the feeling of a threat.


If you are a nurse considering home care, I think what you would find most rewarding is meeting a patient in the comfort of their own home. Going into someone else’s atmosphere, puts them in a position to be more willing to learn and more willing to let you teach them. In the comforts of someone’s home it’s an equal playing ground. It’s almost an icebreaker and you have the time to be more involved in their care, take the time to listen to them and their family, and keep them out of the hospital.


I am very grateful that I made this jump to home care nursing. It’s nice to have a calling. I’ve worked at jobs that suck the life out of you, but as demanding as home care nursing is, it makes you feel like you have a valuable place on this earth.


Tamika Bailey, RN
VNA of Central Jersey Home Care


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