Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure

Manage Your Symptoms to Live Better


Congestive heart failure – a condition where the heart does not pump blood as well as it should - affects people of all ages, from children and young adults to the middle-aged and the elderly. It is considered a chronic condition but with the right treatment and care, individuals can live independently.

If your doctor has recommended surgically implanting a defibrillator or pacemaker, home health care is an excellent option for rehabilitation and transitioning from the hospital to home.


The key to treating congestive heart failure is managing your medications. Our home health care team in consultation with our in-house doctor of pharmacy (PharmD), you will receive a complete medication review and your doctor will be notified of any potential interactions. In addition, all VNA home health patients have the option to access our digital health technologies that connect you and your VNA clinical team with your doctor and caregivers, which can reduce further stress and help you manage your condition long-term. Contact us to learn more or make a referral now.


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