Specialized Support and Customized Clinical Care Solutions

Based on some of the most important health issues facing our patients today, we have developed customized care solutions using the most advanced services and technology to help you maintain an independent and healthy lifestyle at home.

Our customized care solutions include:

Diabetes Day to Day

Self-care is vital for diabetes management.  Our nurses and certified nutritionists help patients with diabetes understand, monitor and manage their illness for healthy, independent living.

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Heartbeats for patients with heart disease

From nursing, rehabilitation, and medication management to nutritional counseling and in-home Telehealth Monitoring, VNA Health Group provides a comprehensive approach to cardiac care at home.

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Cancer care

VNA Health Group clinicians are chemotherapy-certified to provide complex care for adults and children at home.  Specialized care is available to assist patients in need of cancer care at any level. Optional programs such as palliative care and complementary therapies enhance patient satisfaction and quality of care.

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Wound care

We use the most advanced wound care management protocols and evidenced-based risk assessment measures to prevent complications, promote healing and improve patient outcomes. VNA Health Group certified wound care specialists are available to assist with the most complex wound care treatment needs.

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Open Airways Respiratory Care

At VNA Health Group, many of our programs are specifically designed to help patients understand and manage respiratory health concerns, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  Services work to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations for COPD treatment.

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Stepping Forward In-Home Rehabilitation

VNA Health Group offers at-home assessment, prevention, education and rehabilitation therapy programs for optimal independence and mobility.  Programs include at home joint replacement rehabilitation, falls prevention, home safety and medical equipment evaluation. 

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To learn more about how VNA Health Group Specialized Support and Customized Clinical Care Solutions can help you or your loved one, click here, or call us at 800-400-0981.

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