How to Know When a Senior Needs Help

Q: What signs might suggest that a senior family member needs care or help?

A:  Pay attention to how they look. Has their general appearance changed? Note their general hygiene and the cleanliness of their clothes.           

Look at their surroundings. Has their home become more cluttered? Do they have food in the refrigerator— is it fresh?  A distinct change in these areas could indicate some type of physical or mental change. 

Q:  When should I be concerned about memory or mental impairment?

A: Listening to how seniors speak can tell you a lot about their current mental status. Trust your instincts and don't assume all problems are the result of aging. Have they forgotten to refill prescriptions or take their medicine? Have they missed doctors appointments? Do they seem confused or unsure of things that in the past were easy to remember.

If a senior family member is experiencing any of these indicators, while there may be a good explanation, you should contact their physician for an immediate assessment. Being proactive will help ensure safety for your family member and optimal health and wellness

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