When is a Palliative Care Program Right for You?

A palliative care program provides patients with comfort and symptom relief and can assist patients at any stage of illness. Here are a few guidelines to help you determine if a palliative care program is the right choice for you or a loved one.

  • You have persistent distressing symptoms
  • You have an advanced disease and are experiencing emotional, psychological or spiritual distress
  • You are experiencing an unacceptable level of pain or distress for more than 24 hours
  • You go to the emergency department more than one time per month for the same diagnosis
  • You have been admitted to the hospital more than once in the past 30 days for the same diagnosis
  • You have a prolonged stay in ICU or are in an ICU setting without evidence of progress

Other things to think about when considering a palliative care program

Your DoctorTalk to your doctor. Speak openly about your feelings and develop a good understanding of your doctor's philosophy about a palliative care program.

Your FamilyShare your feelings with family members. Their support will be critical. Are they willing to assist you in this decision?

InsuranceMany palliative care services are covered under Medicare, but Medicaid and private insurance may be available to you as well. We will be happy to review your coverage and explain your benefits.

To learn more about how our palliative care program can help you and your loved ones click here, or call us at 800-400-0981 for more information and read our FAQs about palliative care.

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