In-Home Monitoring for Seniors

Telehealth Monitoring for NJ senior careVNA Health Group offers a variety of in-home monitoring and support solutions for seniors.   

VNA Health Group Senior Care Monitoring Programs include:

  • VNA Watch— An emergency monitoring solution for peace of mind
  • VNA WatchPlusA little extra TLC because you care
  • VNA Watch Over Me— Regularly scheduled or intermittent home care assistance when you can't be there
  • VNA-24—  For round-the-clock care giving needs
  • VNA Flex— Keeping your loved ones fit at home
  • VNA Connect— Our Telehealth Monitoring device stays by your side to keep an eye on clinical vital signs between doctor visits and regularly scheduled nursing visits

VNA Watch

This year 13.5 million people, 65 and older will fall. To help keep seniors safe at home, VNA Watch offers a personal monitoring device developed by Philips Lifeline that provides quick access to help with the push of a button.  Lifeline can be worn as a pendant or on the wrist and includes a transmitter to summon fast assistance, 24 hours a day.

Upon answering the call for help, an experienced listener will immediately assess the situation and take appropriate action, whether it is calling a neighbor, family member or ambulance. You can rest easy knowing your loved one has 24-hour emergency response access.

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VNA WatchPlus

In addition to receiving the VNA Watch monitoring device, the VNA WatchPlus program includes an initial RN visit and evaluation plus a follow-up, 2-hour teaching program on how to avoid accidents at home. The teaching program is customized to your environment and living activities.

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VNA Watch Over Me

VNA Watch Over Me program includes an initial RN visit and evaluation, plus the VNA Watch emergency response device. In addition, VNA Watch Over Me programs provide intermittent scheduled visits from one of our certified home health aides and/or a registered nurse.

Our NJ home health aide services and hours can be customized based on your needs and offer the added assurance that things are being well taken care of at home. The VNA Watch Over Me program can provide you with a well deserved break unencumbered by worry.

An integral part of our healthcare team, all home health aides are certified by the NJ State Board of Nursing and work under the direct supervision of a registered nurse to assist with the activities of daily living.

Certified home health aide services (minimum of 4 hours) can include:

  • Health screening—pulse and respiration
  • Personal care
  • Bathing, grooming, dressing
  • Walking, light exercise
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Shopping and errands

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Many elderly adults require daily living assistance to maintain their lifestyle, but prefer to be at home. It may not be possible for families to accommodate this request on their own. VNA-24 can help with 24-hour, round-the-clock, live-in caregiver services. 

The VNA-24 program includes:

  • A comprehensive RN visit and evaluation to understand your needs in terms of live-in healthcare.
  • Intermittent RN follow-up visits and regular clinical assessment reports to both the family and personal physician.
  • Live-in caregiver services bring a full range of services to your door, including companion care and daily living assistance.

Our VNA Health Group staff is carefully screened and bonded and must meet strict VNA Health Group requirements in terms of reliability, personal integrity, a caring nature and experience in caring for the elderly. All NJ home health aides are certified by the NJ State Board of Nursing and work under the direct supervision of a registered nurse.

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VNA Flex

As we age, it's important to maintain some form of regular exercise in daily living for everyday flexibility and balance. In addition, older adults who exercise recover faster after rehabilitative surgery and maintain a more positive outlook on life.

The VNA Flex program provides a rehabilitative solution at home.

  • An in-home physical/occupational therapy and home safety consultative assessment by one of our licensed rehabilitation therapists
  • Personalized in-home rehabilitation program complete with exercise instructions
  • Routine one-on-one therapist visits, as requested

To learn more about how VNA Flex Senior Fitness Program can help, click here, or call us at 800-862-3330 and read our FAQs about our NJ senior care services.

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VNA Connect Telehealth Monitoring

For adults who live at home, but have an acute or chronic illness, the VNA Connect program provides in-the-home Telehealth Monitoring to ensure that your health is staying just the way it should between nursing or physician visits. 

Through the use of the Telehealth monitor, patients can:

  • Measure blood pressure
  • Measure blood oxygen
  • Record weight
  • Record blood glucose

The information is instantly transmitted to VNA Health Group for daily review. Vital signs can be taken as often as necessary each day, carefully monitoring for any irregularities. Patients can receive a friendly reminder alarm for scheduled activities or to take daily medications. With the assistance of your VNA Connect, you become a true partner in your disease management program — all from the comfort of your easy chair. 

The VNA Connect program is ideal for patients with  heart failure, COPD, diabetes, and other complex diagnoses. Daily monitoring ensures timely intervention and enhanced disease management. Telehealth Monitoring has been shown to:

  • Reduce ER visits
  • Reduce re-hospitalizations
  • Improve quality of Life
  • Improve care
  • Promote independence
  • Supports self-management

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To learn more about how our In-Home Monitoring Programs for seniors, click here, or call us at 800-400-0981 and read our FAQs about our NJ senior care services.

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