Donor Stories

Dear Friends,

Do you have a story or thoughts about why you donate to VNA Health Group? We’d like to hear them, and, if you would allow us, share them with others on our website.

We’re looking to learn more about our contributors, and also share ideas amongst VNA Health Group supporters.

If you have something to share, please e-mail Kristen Miller, Director of Development, at or write to: Kristen Miller, VNA Health Group, Foundation Office, 176 Riverside Avenue, Red Bank, New Jersey 07701. You may reach her at 732-224-6605.

And please be sure to let us know:
1. Would you like your thoughts or story to be included on our website with other stories about donating to VNA?
2. And if so, would you like your thoughts to be credited with your name or just posted anonymously?

Feel free to e-mail a picture of you to go along with your story!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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