National Public Health Week: Ensuring A Safe and Healthy Home for You and Your Family

Public health is in every area of our home. It’s in our carbon monoxide detectors, it’s in our fire alarms, and it’s in our food in the fridge. Home is also where prevention begins. Make sure your home is healthy and safe.

  • Smoke alarms can double your chances of surviving a fire; make sure you have them installed on every floor of your home and check them monthly.
  •  Keep a fire extinguisher in your home and be aware of its expiration date.
  • Asses your home for factors that can contribute to a fall such as poor lighting or clutter.
  • Make sure pathways and porches are tidy and well light.
  • Properly dispose of unused or expired prescription medications.
  • Make an “emergency” plan for different situations such as a fire or power outage.
  • Use side rails and a non slip bath mat in your shower.
  • Learn about proper food handling and cooking techniques to prevent food borne illness.
  • Stock your home with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks low in sugar and fat.
  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers hanging up in your home such as poison control, police department, and doctor’s urgent care line.
  • Promote awareness about the importance of public health throughout your community. 

For more information visit American Public Health Association.

If you have questions about public health or would like to know more about the programs and services provided by Visiting Nurse Association Health Group, please call 800-862-3330.

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