Eating Well As You Age

How Much Do You Know About Eating Well As You Age? Take This Quiz* and Find Out

Take the quiz below and learn more about how you can eat healthier as you get older!

1. True or False: As you become older and less active, you need fewer nutrients.

False: As you grow older, you may need fewer calories, particularly if you are less active than when you were younger, but you still need nutrients for good health. And you may need more of certain nutrients.


2. True or False: Getting enough fluid can be a problem as you grow older because you may not be able to tell as easily when you’re thirsty.

True: Some of your sense of thirst may be lost with age. If you’re drinking enough fluids, your urine will be pale yellow. If it’s bright or dark yellow, that means you need to drink more liquids.


3. True or False: Only women need calcium and vitamin D to protect bone strength.

False: Older men can also have problems with bone strength. Exercise, calcium, and vitamin D can protect bone strength.


4. True or False: Your sense of taste and smell can change with age.

True: Foods often taste different as we age because aging can affect the sense of taste and smell. Medicines can also change the way foods taste. This can both change your appetite and make it more difficult to tell when food is spoiled. Be extra careful about how your food is prepared and stored to protect your health.


5. True or False: You should let hot foods cool before putting them in the refrigerator.

False: Putting hot foods into your refrigerator as soon as possible keeps bacteria from growing in food.

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* Information and quiz provided by the National Council On Aging!


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