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8 Tips to Prepare and Recover from a Joint Replacement

Are you getting joint replacement surgery? Do you know someone who is? Use these 8 tips to prepare and recover from a joint replacement. Read more.

Use These Swim Safety TipsThis Summer

Surprisingly, almost half of all Americans don't know how to swim. Follow our six swim safety tips on this infographic to prevent serious injury when taking a dip! Read more.

Stay Hydrated with These Tips

As the weather heats up, its easy to become dehydrated. Fight chronic dehydration this summer with these hydration tips. Read more.

Sun Safety Tips for Summer

The sun produces harmful UV rays especially during the summer season. Follow these tips to protect yourself this summer. Read more.

Fitness Tips for Seniors

Once retirement hits, it’s easy to become restricted to the confines of your couch or chair. This could be due to disability, bad joints or other health related issues, but did you know even the slightest physical activity a few times a week can alleviate some of this pain? Read more.

4 Seasonal Allergy Tips

Seasonal allergies leaving you with a runny nose, itchy eyes or dry skin? Take precautions by using these four seasonal allergy tips! Read more.

Top 6 Benefits of Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? If you are like most people, then probably not. Getting a good night's rest can mean the difference in mood, weight and health. Read more.

Stay Heart Healthy - National Hearth Month

Celebrate Heart Month this February by Practicing good nutrition, managing your stress, staying active and avoiding smoking. These are all good ways to prevent heart disease and avoid future cardiac problems. A healthy heart leads to a healthy life! Read more.

Make an Appointment for your Annual Checkup

Make 2016 a healthy year by scheduling your annual physical. Ensure you get all the tests and bloodwork needed to prevent future illness. Read more.

Winterize Your Life - Preparing for Winter Weather

When winter hits, you want to be prepared. That's why we put together a list of ways you can help winterize your life! Read more.

Influenza Vaccination - Stop the Flu

Get your flu vaccination this year and stop the flu before it stops you! Read more.

Falls Prevention - Stay Safe at Home

Every 13 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency room for a fall-related injury. What you need to know to prevent falls at home. Read more.

How to Properly Dispose of Unused Medications

Gearing up for Fall often means getting rid of unwanted household items, including unused prescriptions in your medicine cabinet. Disposing of expired medications however, is not always that simple. Read more.

Summer Hydration Tips

As temperatures climb high in July and August, cool down by staying hydrated with water-rich foods and fluids that are also packed with nutrition. Read more.

Long-Term Care Planning

This month, we are bringing long-term care planning to the forefront of discussion, because regardless of your current age and level of health, long-term care needs will eventually arise and you will want to be prepared. Read more.

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